Patrick Grim, Robert Rosenberger, Brian Anderson, Adam Rosenfeld, and Robb E. Eason
Group for Logic & Formal Semantics
Department of Philosophy
Stony Brook

forthcoming in Synthese
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Meteorlogical Predictions Through Simulation

Army Corps of Engineers, 17th Street Canal, Rensellaer Polytechnic Geotechnical Centrifuge Research Center

Tracing the Course of an Asterioid Back to the Baptistina Asteroid Family: The Orbital and Size Distribution of the Family
(Bottke, Vokrouhlicky, & Nesvorny 2007)

Robin Canup's Simulations to Demonstrate the Plausibility of the Impact Theory of the Creation of Planetary Moons

The Emergence of Cooperation: Conquest by Tit for Tat in the Spatialized Prisoner's Dilemma
(Grim 1995; Grim, Mar & St. Denis 1998)


Simulating Population Fluctuations in the Long House Valley Over 600 Years
(Dean, Gumreman, Epstein, Axtell, Swedland, Parker & McCarroll 1999; Axtell, Epstein, Dean, Gumerman, Swedland, Harburger, Chakravarty, Hammon, Parker & Parker 2002; Gumerman, Swedland, Dean & Epstein 2003)

The Effects of Various Containment Measures on an Influenza Pandemic in Southeast Asia
(Ferguson, Cummings, Fraser, Cajka, Cooley & Burke 2006)

Schelling's Segregation Model

The Contact Hypothesis and Prejudice Reduction
[Authors' Names Deleted]

Conway's Game of Life

Epstein's Models of Civil Unrest
Action & Grievance (Top) & Peaceful Coexistence (Bottom)

Simulation of Pheromone-Following Ant Behavior

Simulation of Pheromone-Following Ant Behavior